Upholstery Fabric Trends
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Upholstery Fabric Trends

It is that time of year where textile suppliers and designers share their newest  fabrics and what we can look forward to in 2012/2013 in upholstery fabric trends. There are lots of new looks and exciting new patterns. The beauty of working with upholstery is it gives you the opportunity to keep up with the trends and easily gives your furniture a new look. So this year you can expect to be seeing,

  • Lots of custom patterns that are exclusively being created by fabric designers through digital printing.
  • The summer may have been all about the neon’s and bold bright colors, however the fall and winter are bringing a darker color palette with black and white patterns, deep purples, emerald greens, and dusky pinks.
  • Velvets are back once again, this time in softer subtle styles and in burnout designs.
  • Leather embossing has reached a whole new level adding weave design illusions, and punch-dot patterns with whimsical touches.
  • We will find that tapestries have been simplified and scaled-down.
  • Novelty forms include ransom note letters, stylized numbers, vintage album covers, urban landscapes, paper doll patterns, and dog designs

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