Staging Your Home To Sell
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Staging Your Home To Sell

Times are still tough in the real estate market and 2012 is still facing major challenges when it comes to selling a home. Staging your home is now a vital necessity to sell it.  It is a way not only to show your home in a beautiful way, more importantly it helps buyers picture it as their future home. Now you are probably wondering, how exactly do you go about staging your home to sell.  I came across the perfect article by Fidelity Mortgage Services, INC. in Branford, CT. You can begin the process by hiring a professional home stager like me or attempt to do it yourself as well. The major components of home staging are to reduce clutter. I am sure you’ve heard the rules, no more than two appliances on the counter, personal pictures and art work should be put away, always make sure evidence of a family pet is out of site. Tone down the colors to neutrals and this applies to furniture to. Will a little cleaning, re-arranging, de-cluttering, you have now created a warm and inviting home that is more like a blank slate. That blank slate lets potential buyers envision their own personal taste and making a home their own. Below are some examples of homes I have staged. It really is worth staging your home to sell.

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