Placement Of Mirrors In A Room
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Placement Of Mirrors In A Room

Placement of mirrors in a room can actually be quite tasking. If not done properly you run the risk of making a room feel smaller, darker and closed in. It is amazing what a mirror can really do for a room. Mirrors now become much more than just a decorating accent piece. Here are my tips to ensure you correctly place mirrors in a room so you get the best results.

* All Images Are Work Of DGR Interior Designs

Small Spaces
Correctly placed mirrors are a great tool to make a small room feel much larger. For example if you have a very narrow hallway use a large decorative mirror to open up the space and it can also double as a piece of art. For shorter hallways add a mirror at the end, it will give the appearance of a longer hallway. There are a multitude of options when it comes to finding a mirror for your modern decor, beach cottage house, or an antique traditional style.

Light It Up
Clients are always asking for ways to lighten and brighten up a room. Many homes, especially here on the Connecticut shoreline have rooms with french doors, or lots of windows just on one side of the room. You can amplify that feeling of bright light by placing a mirror across from the window or door. When the light comes streaming through it will reflect off the mirror filling other areas of the room with light. Depending on how much additional brightness and light you want to achieve you can really double the effect by also angling mirrors in other areas of the room. Play around with the positioning of a mirror to make sure to achieve the correct amount of light. Often people make the mistake of putting a mirror over a fireplace and if not positioned correctly you will have a reflection of the ceiling.


Mirrored Shelving
If you have some  beautiful shelving displays, add some mirrors to them and you will create the illusion that shelves are actually deeper and recessed. The mirrors will highlight other accent pieces, plants and decor, making the shelving look that much more impressive. Again there are many options from decorative mirrors, panels of mirrors or you can even purchase an already mirrored shelving system.



Distressed Mirrors
Distressed mirrors are great to add that vintage rustic touch to any room. They are especially popular in guest rooms. Of all the ways to place a mirror the fun part about distressed mirrors, they really are simply great for just decorating. Head on out to a consignment shop or antique store and you are sure to find a distressed mirror that you can treasure in your home.


That’s right, a very popular trend these days, you can now purchase mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture adds that element of glam. Great for a dressing room, guest room, office and any room to really reflect your very own refined glamorous style. This is a sure way to add lots of light and brighten up a space. Just be sure to only add a few pieces and don’t go over board or you might overwhelm the space.


If your not really a mirror person or lets say a place like your bedroom just does not have the space for it, you can still add mirrors. Look for objects that have a mirror-like quality. Back splashes with mirror tiles, a mosaic fire place with shards of broken up mirrors, there are a lot of ways to find and incorporate mirrors in any room. You can even find metallic and shiny materials, like frames, that can serve the same purpose and will also emphasize the light in a room.


  • I don’t know that I want to look at myself while bathing ( might scare myself but could be motivating- lol) but all the furniture looks bright and divine!

    May 18, 2012 at 5:30 pm
    • admin

      ahaha Laurie we love your comment! see all the uses for a mirror 🙂 glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post.

      May 18, 2012 at 5:37 pm