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Home Design Trends – Liven-up your spaces with these interior decor ideas

Every year brings a new set of interior design trends and this year is no different. Many of the latest trends are bright and bold, livening up your house and making it feel warm and bright. The following trends should inspire you to re-design your interior:


Welcome to the jungle

This vibrant design features natural plant life and is perfect for a living room or a sunroom. The room features bright, bold colors and even allows some color mixing to reinforce the effect. There are also vibrant, bold patterns and the materials for the furnishings can be mixed and matched to help provide an authentic jungle feel.

The seventies trend

The 70s interior décor trend is making a comeback and you can relive the period by having over the top accessories; these will remind you of the decadence which was common in this period. You will need theatrical extras such as an ostrich feather. Velvet and teal are acceptable colors and materials with splashes of gold will add to the luxurious feel.

Hints of folk

Embrace the Bohemian by adding color and bold floral swirls and cushions and rugs. You can even add a painted piece of furniture and a tribal print or two. To finish the effect you can add a few pieces of greenery, such as a cactus or decorative grass.

Natural elements

There is an increasing popularity with many people to embrace natural element sin their homes. Any material which can be found locally can be used; stone and wood look wonderful in the kitchen. The color scheme also reflects the natural approach; neutral colors are best like beige or even white.

Rattan furniture

Rattan is associated with the seventies, but it is set to reappear in many interior designs this year. The material is actually very versatile and eco-friendly. It is now being used in a wide variety of applications and can be used as a chair or a plant table in your home.



There are always some bold and bright colors in interior design and the latest trend is taken directly from the exotic flora and fauna that you would usually see in tropical climates. You can use almost any bright color to make a room feel vibrant and alive. Orange, purple and green are exceptionally popular as they reflect Asia. Add in some bamboo furniture and your room or house can look oriental!

To finish the room you need to have dark furniture and rich wood touches. Screens made from silk or Soshi are exceptionally popular and can help to add a mystique to your room by dividing the space.


Fashion has already hinted at a strong black and white presence in the new clothing lines and this theme has been carried over into interior design. You can make a striking declaration by using black and white crockery, or even turn the entire room black and white to create a classical yet contemporary look.


One of the most important emerging trends is the desire to renew and reuse old furniture. The best designs accommodate contrasts; the sharp metal edges of modern table legs combined with an old wooden top will create a striking effect in any room.

Wood and words

Wood is always an interior design staple and this year is no different. The latest way to incorporate it into your home is to incorporate a piece of wood and make a statement; it will be a focal point and potentially a romantic piece.

Luxurious choice of fabrics

Adorn your home with beautiful fabrics, and transform your space into a comfortable and modern living environment. Egyptian cotton and other designer fabrics for window treatments will transform your living area into a beautiful room that your guests will adore. Complement the décor with pretty throw pillows, silky soft sofa linens and attentively crafted table clothes.

Give your home a personal allure and redecorate in style. Get inspired from the best in home living and let your residence become a welcoming and warm living space.



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