Fall Design Tips
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Fall Design Tips

August is here which means the slow pace of summer is about to come to an end. The good news is most of us are more than ready to get the kids back to school and look forward to cooler fall days. Our surrounding scenery begins to change as the trees turn into beautiful shades of orange, mums and pumpkins erupt on the front steps, time to also change our surroundings in doors. Here are my fall design tips to give your home that seasonal update.

Accent Pillows
A sure way to instantly up the cozy factor and make any room feel like it’s time for the cooler fall days is to update the accent pillows. Choose warmer colors like rich burgundies, forest green and golds. Also mix in textured fabrics and other fun design elements like glitter embellishments to add character.

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There is nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a soft throw in front of the fireplace on a cool fall evening. Fill a basket or display your favorite fall throw on a ladder shelf. They will be nicely organized and just within warms reach when it’s time to bundle up. Choose warm colors and soft materials like cashmere, soft fleece, or a faux fur.
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Most forget that even area rugs can be seasonal. Wrap up the lighter and brightly colored summer rugs and bring in some nice wool rugs in fall colors. Think deep, rich tones and you will be surprised how quickly a room can change and become a wonderful cozy space.

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Outdoor Accents
One of the best parts about fall is driving by an seeing all the colorful mums and pumpkins lining the steps of front doors. Add some lanterns for even more ambiance and some hanging door decor. Outdoor fall accents create a festive atmosphere and make the front of your home look so inviting.
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Time to put away candles that have scents like Ocean Breeze and Sweet Pea. Bring out ivory, white’s, oranges and scent’s like vanilla and spice. Let those candles glow bright while huddled on the couch and enjoy the instant ambiance of fall.
{Image: http://pinterest.com/pin/128915608053005173/}

Start to bring out the family photos at the pumpkin patch and put away the ones on summer vacation at the beach. Accessories from photos to art work, bookends, candlesticks, they can all set the stage for a room and its season. They are the final touch to creating a warm and inviting fall home.

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