Cost Saving Design Ideas In New Homes
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Cost Saving Design Ideas In New Homes

We are still in difficult times and many buyers investing in new homes are looking for those cost saving designs ideas. Here are the top five design trends in new homes right now that still offer a great living space, without breaking the bank.

Image From Apartment Therapy

1. Tucked away offices. What once was the large office space in the house full of custom book shelf’s and recessed lighting has now been transformed and utilized as more living space. Offices have now been converted and can be found in pantries, in the kitchen, attics and even as part of the family room. Tucked away offices are easier to create now that our technology is so mobile and converting what use to be the “office” into a more utilized family space.

Image From Designer Dad

 2. Window Seats. These alcoves not only provide more seating but can also fit perfectly in small spaces. They offer a private spot to relax in a family room or can also be converted into a bed for guests. There are many cost effective ways and different materials to make window seats a very versatile space in your home.

Image Better Homes and Gardens

3. Upstairs laundry rooms. Convenience for families is still a big priority so new homes are seeing second floor closets being converted into laundry rooms. Easy access, great for additional storage, organization and of course keeping clothes off the floor and into hampers.

Image From 2 Modern

4. Shadow Homes. New single family homes are seeing a huge rise in the request for shadow homes. As more families continue to live under one roof for longer Shadow Homes still offer privacy and space, sometimes coming with two master suites. You can even find two separate living quarters in the upstairs and down stairs levels.

Image From Trendir

5. Rectangular home designs. This is the most cost effective type of house to build so for it of course is becoming much more popular. made with strong materials like metal, wood, concrete and stone these homes offer a modern appeal and often large windows with a lot of light.

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