Converted Garage Ideas by DGR Interior Designs
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Converted Garage Ideas

Adding more living space is always a good idea. If done wisely {hire me :)} you are bound to get a nice return on your investment. In today’s market buyers expect more and more living space is something every buyer looks for. A great solution is converting a garage into extra space for guests, entertaining and for more office space. Just imagine being able to host that annual family party, have a quiet retreat and a space for guests to enjoy while they stay with you. The possibilities for a converted garage are endless and there are lots of options depending on your budget. From one to two floors, bathrooms, or no bathrooms, kitchenettes, small patios, there are lots of decisions to be made but the end result is well worth it. Here are some converted garage ideas and as you will see, you will quickly be wanting to add one of these havens to your existing home plans.

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