10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home
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10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Whether you are thinking of selling this year or long term, it is important to make a to do list and get the most value out of your home. Especially right now during a slow housing market, this is a good time for projects so when the market picks back up, you will be ready. Here are 10 ways to add value to your home.

#1 Update the Home Office
I know I just touched on this one last week, but I just had to reiterate again how important it is to update a home office with so many people working out of their homes these days. Search for any spaces in your home that you can convert (even a closet). Give it some fresh paint, maybe some built-in shelving and some nice decor. You are sure to see the rewards from this space.

#2 Let the light in and add a Sunroom
Adding space in any home, especially when it is adding to the living space is always going to give you an attractive return on your investment. Add a sunroom, a great place to add more square footage and an entertaining area that is always attractive for prospective buyers. Not to mention, with all that light, this is a space that will look very inviting.

#3 The Master Suite Renovate or Update
There was a time when perhaps a master suite was considered a luxury. Today it is a requirement on the laundry list of necessary for buyers.¬† Create a warm and inviting master suite that is open and definitely has a nice closet. Don’t forget to add as much storage as possible. You will be happy when you see the dollar amounts increase from making this investment.

#4 Family Room Is Key
A family room is so very important. Today open floor plans are what people want and a place where they can envision their family having cozy days and nights. Be sure to have a fireplace to. Another element that really is a must for today’s buyers.

#5 Get a New Roof
A leaky roof that looks weathered and turning green gives a really bad first impression. Buyers may assume the house is not well taken care of and won’t give it a chance before even walking in. The cost can vary but their are economical choices and if you can spring for an architecturally beautiful roof, do so.

#6 Time To Do Some Landscaping
It really makes a big difference to have your yard looking super fabulous. Today buyers want as much square footage as possible and require outdoor living space. Create a great place for outdoor entertaining and you will be golden.

#7 Invest In The Kitchen
Kitchens will make a world of difference and it is where your bang for your buck will really take you far. Keep it light, open concept and up to date with stainless steel appliances. It won’t be cheap, however it is the room in the house that will really return your dollars ten times over.

#8 Keep Adding Bathrooms
It is not possible to have too many bathrooms in any home. You don’t want your guests having to go upstairs through your home to use the bathroom. Even just adding a half bath down stairs will make a huge difference and one in a finished basement.

#9 Time for New Windows
Did you know that up to 30 percent of energy is lost though windows? So definitely install new energy efficient ones and large windows that let in a lot of light. New windows says to potential buyers, this home has been well taken care of.

#10 Finished Basement
Don’t let any space go to waste. Today buyers want a finished basement¬† and it usually goes on the list of must haves. A great place to entertain or hang out with the family.It will add both tremendous character and of course value to your home.

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